This pen is perfect for everyday writing. It has slim design and it will not take a lot of space in your pocket or at your desktop. Our pen can be a beautiful gift for a person who wants to use an elegant and practical pen in his everyday life.
Moreover, you can make a gift set of this pen and any of our other pens/pencils or even “Letter Opener 2”, putting them in our double wooden box, that you can find on the site. If in one set you want to combine gift both for man and for woman, we suggest you to set your eyes on the model “Medium” or “European”, which are similar in design and action mechanism with the model “Slim”.
Our pens and pencils are made from beautiful olive wood and metal part comes in five colors: chromium, gold, gun metal, brushed bronze and silver. Metal clip will always help you to carry a pen next to you without losing it.
The pen has twist action mechanism and uses cross style pen refill. Comes with one black ink refill inside and black velvet bag as a gift.
The pencil has mechanical mechanism and takes 0.5 mm. graphite leads.

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