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Her biological propolis solution CRETA EARTH It is produced by soaking propolis in biological alcohol, providing a composition rich in ingredients such as flavonoids, polyphenols and essential oils, known for their antioxidant and protective properties.
  • Strengthens the body during the winter
  • For topical use on pimples, minor injuries and skin irritations
Propolis is an excellent beekeeping product as it is one of the most powerful substances in nature. It consists of more than 100 valuable compounds, which make it the most powerful natural antibacterial and protective shield in the world of bees, where it is used to sterilize and protect the hive.
  • Her biological propolis solution CRETA EARTH can be used in several ways:
  • To strengthen the body during the winter.
  • Topically for pimples, minor injuries and skin irritations.


Product Description

Biological Propolis Solution contains 100% ingredients of natural origin
Propolis *, Alcohol *
* certified organic crops
The biological solution of propolis may differ from batch to batch in terms of color, taste and aroma, but this is completely justified due to the nature of propolis, which is the main part of the preparation.
The color of propolis depends on the plants of its origin and the impurities of wax and pollen, as well as the time it stays in the hive, so it varies (yellow-green, orange-green to brown and dark brown) depending on the case. Therefore, the shade of the tincture also varies. Its properties and the actions of the product, however, do not differ from the color or the taste and this is ensured by the best beekeeping practices that are applied and by the strict quality control standards that we carry out in each batch.
  • External use: Apply the solution as it is topically to pimples, minor injuries and skin irritations.
  • Internal use: Dissolve 5-10 drops of solution in a glass of water and drink the solution or use it for gargling, once a day or twice a day during a cold period.
Close the lid tightly after use.
Store in a cool and shady place.

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